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About Us

Huaxia SPC flooring supplier is a large-scale flooring manufacturer integrating production, design, logistics and service.

The company is located in Beijing, the capital city, superior human environment, unique geographical location, all-round transportation network, the company’s business philosophy, product quality, sales network all over the country.

China SPC flooring supplier introduced imported equipment from Germany, strictly abided by the international PVC flooring production process standards, obtained good products through extrusion and calendering process, at the same time, it uses a unique formula, making the floor wear-resistant, environmental protection and other aspects have a qualitative leap, a complete product line can fully meet the personalized needs of various commercial, office and other places and families, while letting people We enjoy DIY.

With its exquisite technology, good production equipment and service concept, as well as the international development pace, Huaxia SPC flooring factory has become the leader of PVC flooring industry in China, and constantly develops higher specifications of products in the market. The products always adhere to the road of continuous development and innovation, so that the company’s products are well received by customers at home and abroad, and participated in a number of large-scale project cooperation. China SPC floor is now exported to India, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Greece, the United States and other international markets. Constant innovation and development are our core values. To provide environmental protection PVC floor is our goal. For this reason, China SPC team will continue to work hard!

In recent years, we focus on the production and development of SPC locking floor. The dimminson SPC locking floor brand, which is produced by the company, adopts the leading technologies of Europe and Belgium, introduces the superior human environment of German imported equipment, unique geographical location and convenient transportation network, making the company’s business philosophy and product quality leading the industry, and the sales network spreads all over the country. Integrate product platform, sales platform, logistics platform and service platform to build one-stop s2b2c platform of building materials supply chain. Huaxia SPC is committed to export high-quality supply chain for installation enterprises and C-end customers.

Main regions: China, Canada, the United States, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other countries.