Spc floor: waterproof and wear-resistant 0 formaldehyde floor recommended

  Spc flooring may be unfamiliar to many people, but spc flooring is very famous in the flooring industry. What has been the case for a long time? The main reason is that this floor is […]

Recommended by famous brand manufacturer of SPC lock floor in 2020

  Why SPC lock floor is popular now? The main reason is that the simulation style of SPC lock floor is lifelike, without color difference, suitable for use in various scenes, so as to meet the […]

What is SPC lock floor? Introduction to lock floor!

SPC lock floor has many names, also called: SPC floor, vinyl floor, stone plastic lock floor, etc., although the names are different, but the final products are the same, so what about SPC lock floor? […]

How about Spc flooring for home use? Is it worth recommending?

At present, spc flooring is very popular. Many office areas, commercial areas, hotels, gyms, etc. are used. Is this type of spc floor suitable for laying in homes? Is there any difference between laying this […]

Is the kitchen suitable for wood flooring? Optional SPC vinyl flooring

What kind of floor does the kitchen use is often asked and considered by many people when decorating the house. After all, the kitchen has special environment and use conditions. The main reason why the […]

Why choose vinyl flooring? What are the advantages?

Vinyl floor has many advantages in the types of floor, such as waterproof, fireproof, termite proof, easy installation, easy maintenance and so on. It can also be used in many occasions, such as bedroom, kitchen, […]

Is vinyl flooring warranted?

Vinyl flooring is covered by warranty. With regard to warranty, you will find a series of service levels corresponding to product quality. Cheap products have the shortest warranty, while luxury vinyl flooring has a 25 […]

How to choose vinyl flooring?

Vinyl base plate has many advantages, including low maintenance cost, durability, economy and style versatility. However, as with any other flooring choice, there are factors to consider to determine if it fits your situation. Consider […]

How to choose vinyl wood flooring?

Vinyl wood flooring is an engineered floor designed to mimic the look of real wood. When choosing the floor, we need to consider the thickness of vinyl, wear-resistant layer and installation method. With this information, […]

What’s the difference between stone floor and linen floor?

Stone plastic floor is generally SPC floor or SPC vinyl floor, vinyl floor is a new material floor, is also a very popular floor, linen floor is made of natural raw materials, is also a […]

Comparison between SPC flooring and rubber flooring

There are many kinds of floors, and many functions are the same. There may be some differences in some details, such as raw materials and production process. Many people don’t know the specific differences, so […]

Antistatic SPC vinyl floor

There are many scenarios for SPC vinyl floor, which are suitable for home, office, business, etc. How to choose a suitable floor needs to invest a lot of time to choose and understand. Today, Huaxia […]

How to maintain SPC vinyl floor to improve service time

SPC vinyl floor is a relatively popular house decoration material. Compared with traditional wood floor, SPC vinyl floor has many advantages, such as wear resistance, water resistance, etc., so you can see vinyl floor in […]

How to clean or maintain our SPC vinyl flooring?

Now there are many families using the vinyl flooring, how to clean and maintain the vinyl floor is a concern of many people. Today, Huaxia SPC floor manufacturer will introduce how to clean and maintain […]

What is a loose vinyl plank floor?

Vinyl flooring has become a popular flooring solution among all the options available on the market. Compared with other types, this floor has many advantages, such as durability, easy maintenance, scratch resistance, water resistance, and […]

Types of vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring and its types are one of the most popular types of flooring in office or residential buildings. This is because they have higher added value and cost-effective properties, as well as higher quality […]

Why choose a luxurious vinyl plank flooring?

The definition of luxury vinyl flooring is simple. Instead of the traditional square floor, it uses narrow strips or wooden boards. According to spruce, there are usual lengths and widths: Length: Wooden boards are usually […]

What is vinyl flooring in detail?

There are many flooring options to choose from today, the most feasible and cost-effective one is vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring (often referred to as linoleum) is stain and water resistant, making it ideal for bathrooms, […]

What are the different forms of luxury vinyl flooring?

A few years ago, luxury vinyl was only available in glue form. These vinyls can be glued directly to a concrete subfloor or plywood. They are thin, so when they stick directly to the concrete […]