What are the disadvantages of engineered vinyl flooring?

There are many types of vinyl flooring. Many people don’t know much when buying vinyl flooring. Today, Huaxia flooring manufacturers introduce a vinyl flooring, engineering vinyl flooring! It cannot increase the value of a home […]

Vinyl flooring purchase guide: find the best vinyl flooring

  Wooden floor is the preferred floor type for many people when decorating houses. In recent years, vinyl floor is more and more popular. How to choose flooring? This article will introduce how to choose vinyl […]

Maintenance methods of PVC floor in different stages

  PVC floor maintenance has a great help for the service life of the floor. When you buy the floor again, you will also refer to which floor has a longer service time. For P floor, […]

Three key points of PVC floor installation

  PVC floor construction is an important part of PVC floor application. The quality of construction directly determines the later use of PVC floor. For many users, PVC construction and installation is also the most difficult […]

Precautions for PVC floor construction

  PVC floor is a well-known floor, with many installation methods, but there may be some special things to pay attention to in the installation process. Today, Huaxia floor manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction. […]

Common installation methods of PVC floor

  There are many ways to install PVC floor, different ways have their own points, and requirements. For many novices, they may not know much about the installation methods of PVC floor. Today, Huaxia floor manufacturer […]

How to install PVC floor as wallpaper

  Because PVC floor has many designs and colors, strong plasticity, diverse styles, and many patterns that can be installed and assembled, it can also become a unique visual landscape on the wall, adding highlights to […]

How should PVC plastic floor be constructed?

  The installation process of PVC floor is basically the same as that of ordinary floor installation. First, ensure the basic work of installation, make preparations in the early stage, and get twice the result with […]

What are the acceptance standards for PVC floor installation

  There are generally two steps in the standard of PVC floor installation acceptance.   The first is the main project part, and the second is the general project part.   Main control project:   ① check whether the […]

How to install PVC floor?

  Nowadays, more and more people choose to install wooden floor, many people will choose to install by themselves. For some customers, many are novices and don’t know the specific installation steps of the floor. Today, […]

Analysis of common problems in the SPC production process?

  There are some defects in the SPC floor that many suppliers get. What is the cause of this situation? Today, enmanson SPC floor manufacturer introduced it to the SPC supplier. The answer to this paper […]

How to choose sports wood floor?

  More and more families will choose wooden floor when choosing the floor. The wooden floor is divided into many kinds, such as Yungong floor, commercial floor, kindergarten floor, etc., which are mainly divided into different […]

Indoor basketball court specification craft, how does wooden floor material choose

basketball court specifications and facilities:   A) according to the requirements of fiba, the basketball court is a solid rectangular surface without obstacles. A standard basketball court shall cover an area of 420㎡(28 meters long, 15 […]

Attention for maintenance of wooden floor in gymnasium

Sports wood floor is more and more those who get a citizen now like, many people home outfit likes to use it. But, compare with ceramic tile, real wood floor should notice more conserve, especially […]

Prepare and check the basketball court floor before laying

  Do something in advance all need to consider to be clear about, need to prepare what, will have what problem, how to solve, and what need to pay attention to the condition of sudden, today […]

The construction material of sports wood floor in the school playground is introduced

The introduction of wood floor in the playground   The construction material of sports wood floor of school special playground is very different from other civil floors. It is not a simple structure, but is connected […]

Playground plastic ground construction process tutorial

Construction preparation  1. Technical preparation   (1) the practice of each layer under the surface layer of the plastic plate should have been constructed according to the design requirements and accepted as qualified.   (2) the sample […]

Indoor basketball court plastic floor construction process tutorial

The foundation consolidation 1, the new foundation must be in the foundation maintenance period of 30 days, before construction. (winter extends 1-2 times) 2、Before removing the construction surface, the foundation must be pickled. If there […]

Installation and operation requirements of outdoor hardwood flooring system

Concrete ground requirements (1) requirements for concrete ground Face layer maple wood floor thickness is 20 mm, concrete floor should have 68 mm drop at least (relative to the completion of the floor); Surface roughness, […]