What’s the difference between stone floor and linen floor?

Stone plastic floor is generally SPC floor or SPC vinyl floor, vinyl floor is a new material floor, is also a very popular floor, linen floor is made of natural raw materials, is also a […]

Laminate flooring vs vinyl flooring

What is laminate flooring? Laminate is the first artificial substitute of natural wood. With the manufacturers creating more and more lifelike appearance, laminate can be easily used in real hardwood. Laminate is rapidly popular. Laminates […]

Linoleum floor vs vinyl floor

  Linoleum floor and vinyl base board are considered by many homeowners when they choose the floor. Both floors are very durable and can be installed and used almost anywhere. In fact, there are many differences […]

The difference between SPC floor and traditional floor

SPC floor is a new type of environmental protection floor, invented by Germany. It has been popular all over the world in recent years, and has been very popular all over the world. For people […]

Comparison between WPC floor vs PVC floor

  Now there are more and more types of floor, such as WPC floor, PVC floor, LVP floor, etc. many people don’t know the specific differences between the floor and the floor. Today, Huaxia floor supplier […]

What is the difference between SPC lock floor and solid wood lock floor?

  For many laymen, it’s difficult to distinguish the specific differences between the floor and the floor, just like the difference between SPC lock floor and solid wood lock floor. In fact, it can be seen […]

SPC, LVT floor vs marble, tile

The brands of various materials are very complex and the quality is also very different. Consumers usually choose through decoration plans and guide blindly under the guidance of market publicity. The wood floor includes a […]

wpc floor VS lvt floor VS spc floor

  What is the difference between WPC, LVT, and SPC in PVC floor   The differences between the three types of flooring are:   LVT, WPC floor is semi-rigid sheet plastic floor   SPC floor belongs to hard sheet […]

SPC lock floor vs wood floor

Difference between SPC lock floor and wood floor Now let’s talk about the difference between SPC lock floor and solid wood floor Wood floor Raw materials: Wood, glue and another adhesive edge sealer, with paint, […]

Wood floor vs carpet

  1. There are many kinds of floors, including solid wood floor, solid wood composite floor and reinforced composite floor   The advantage of solid wood floor is solid wood environmental protection, good foot feeling and high […]

SPC floor vs wood floor

  Comparison between SPC floor and wood floor   1. Appearance comparison:   SPC floor: rich in texture, natural wood grain, artificial wood grain, blanket grain, natural stone grain, artificial stone grain, close to real stone wood.   Solid […]

SPC floor vs linen floor

Comparison between SPC floor and linen floor Composition and production process comparison:   SPC floor: with natural stone powder and natural resin as raw materials, it is processed to form a solid base with high density […]

SPC floor VS bamboo floor

Advantages of bamboo floor The texture of bamboo floor has the function of absorbing ultraviolet rays Elegant color, soft and warm, good for people’s vision, can reduce the occurrence of myopia. Smaller chromatic aberration According […]

SPC floor vs tile

Home floor is cheaper than floor tile Floor is the latest popular decoration material, cheaper than traditional floor tiles. If you want to save money on the decoration floor, you need to consider the decoration […]

SPC floor vs PVC floor

Chinese flooring manufacturers come to analyze SPC flooring with you today. About the most curious questions about SPC floor, such as: what is SPC floor, the difference between SPC floor and PVC floor, etc., Huaxia […]

PVC floor vs bamboo floor

Bamboo floor is also made of natural bamboo and wood, green and environmental protection. But the bamboo floor is also water, fire and humidity sensitive. It is easy to expand, deform, dry shrink and crack, […]

PVC floor vs plastic floor

  Plastic floor leather and PVC floor are not the same product. Although some people call PVC floor leather and plastic floor, they actually confuse the two kinds of floor.   Plastic floor (floor leather) is a […]

PVC floor vs common wood floor

  Wood floor can be roughly divided into three categories: solid wood floor, solid wood composite floor and laminate floor.   Solid wood floor is a natural material, which has irreplaceable advantages of synthetic materials, non-toxic and […]

PVC floor vs marble

  Stone is very heavy, which brings a lot of burden to transportation and construction, especially to the main structure of high-rise buildings.   The thickness of PVC floor is only 1.6mm-9mm, and the weight of each […]