Comparison between SPC flooring and rubber flooring

There are many kinds of floors, and many functions are the same. There may be some differences in some details, such as raw materials and production process. Many people don’t know the specific differences, so they bought the wrong floor. Today, Huaxia SPC flooring manufacturer will introduce the difference between SPC vinyl flooring and rubber flooring!

SPC floor and rubber floor are the same as resilient floor, but there are some differences:

Composition and production process are different: rubber floor is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous rubber floor refers to the floor vulcanized by single or multi-layer structure in the same color and composition on the basis of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Heterogeneous rubber floor refers to the floor based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber. The upper layer includes a wear-resistant layer and other dense layers which are different in composition and / or design, and the dense layer includes a skeleton layer.

There are differences between colors: rubber flooring is difficult to color, because rubber has a strong color absorption capacity, so most rubber flooring colors are relatively simple; SPC flooring has a variety of colors, which can be combined at will, providing designers with more choices.

Installation difficulty is different: SPC floor is light in texture and easy to install; rubber floor is heavy and hard to install. Moreover, the installation method of rubber floor is more strict. If the method is not correct, the requirements of self leveling foundation will be more perfect, otherwise the defects of foundation layer will be exaggerated.

There is a difference between market demand and wear resistance: rubber flooring is only used in some high-end places due to its high price. Due to its high cost performance, SPC floor has a wide range and huge market potential. In addition, the rubber floor is more wear-resistant and suitable for airports, stations and other places with heavy traffic, as well as planes, trains, subways, cars, ships, etc.

Through the above introduction, I believe I have a certain understanding of these two types of flooring. If you choose two more types of flooring, you can make a good choice. If you have any questions, please leave us a message!