How about choosing SPC floor for office decoration?

  As an office space for employees, the office is also a very important living environment, which is particularly important in decoration selection, especially in decoration material selection. Today, kingup flooring manufacturer will introduce to you whether it is good to choose SPC floor for office decoration, so why it will choose SPC floor for office decoration now, hoping to have reference for you.

SPC floor

  The premise of choosing the floor in the office is to know what kind of floor we should choose and why we should choose it so that we can make a reasonable judgment.

  SPC floor can absorb sound and reduce noise

  The office is generally an open place, and noise is often an inevitable environment in the office. Therefore, if the floor has sound absorption effect, it can reduce the noise and create a good office environment. SPC floor can absorb 20 decibels of noise, and places like this that need good office environment are very suitable.

  SPC floor is free of pollution

  The office is a kind of place where employees stay for a long time. If formaldehyde exists in the floor, there is a great harm to employees’ health, so there is a great demand on material selection. The main raw materials of SPC floor are vinyl resin and calcium powder, so SPC floor does not contain formaldehyde and other heavy metals, so it can be said that there is no pollution, so it can better create environmental protection space.

  SPC floor anti bacteria and anti insect

  The office is an open place with relatively poor sanitary environment, so it will breed some bacteria and stains. For some coffee or snacks, bread crumbs, etc., it will attract some insects, etc. The SPC floor, because of its special material, has a good antibacterial and insect resistant performance, which can effectively prevent the damage caused by insects and bacteria.

  SPC floor is easy to maintain

  Because of the particularity of office environment, it needs to be simple in maintenance and daily reason. SPC floor can do exactly this. It is mainly the particularity of SPC floor composition. There is a UV layer on the surface of SPC floor, which can effectively prevent pollution and is easier to clean.

  The above is for you to introduce the office decoration selection SPC floor good related content, if there are any questions welcome to leave us a message.