How to purchase SPC flooring?

  When purchasing SPC flooring, you will have different board sizes, board thickness and wear-resistant layer thickness options. The size of the boards is related to style preferences, so make sure you compare the different sizes in the photos of the installed floors to see your favorite styles.

   For board thickness, remember that thicker boards increase durability and stability. You will usually find that the thickness of the SPC board is about 3.2 to 7 mm. The thicker wear-resistant layer is also preferred. The thickness of the wear layer is usually in the range of about 0.2 to 0.7 mm.

  You may also see SPC flooring advertised or marked under the following names:

  Rigid vinyl substrate

  Waterproof vinyl floor

  Luxury vinyl flooring.

  Be sure to check the composition of the wood core to make sure it’s actually SPC rigid vinyl flooring. There are other types of luxury vinyl flooring that are not made from natural limestone powder, PVC and stabilizers.

  If you are going to upgrade the house seriously, please consider installing SPC hard vinyl floor. It has many advantages, can make it a considerable investment, and is particularly useful for families with pets and children. Easy to install and relatively affordable prices will also help reduce costs. With almost unlimited design options, you can easily find a look that suits your style.