Recommended from flooring suppliers: vinyl flooring for kitchens

Kitchen is a very important part of floor selection. Today KINGUP flooring supplier recommends a floor suitable for kitchen: vinyl flooring.

If the kitchen is a very active room, or if you like to host parties around this area, then you must consider the durability of the vinyl flooring of your choice. Vinyl flooring is a decorative material that offers you the widest range of design options, with a wear-resistant layer on the surface. The thickness of the abrasion resistant layer determines the durability of vinyl resin flooring.

The floor is slippery: Accidental falls are the main cause of injuries in the home. Water in the kitchen is often very stained, which is very dangerous, especially for young children and the elderly. Vinyl flooring is naturally anti-slip, and vinyl flooring will become astringent when exposed to water, but if you still have doubts, there are various textured surface treatments available to provide materials and even more traction.

Fading problem: Over time, and long-term use, the general floor will have a certain color difference, but the vinyl floor will basically not have this situation.

Things to avoid in vinyl kitchens

Cleaning issues: When cleaning vinyl kitchen floors, do not use bleach, strong cleaners or scrub cleaners. Because they may scratch the surface of the material.

Sharp object damage: Vinyl flooring is damaged when most objects fall on it, but if a knife or sharp object is pressed into it, the floor surface may puncture. To avoid this, make sure you use furniture pads under the legs of all the furniture in your kitchen. You should also try to keep your heels in good shape and trim your pet nails appropriately.

Dirt and oil: Since the kitchen is a messy place, dirt and oil often accumulate on vinyl floors over time. This results in a dirty, pale yellow film on the surface of the material. This can be handled to some extent by regular cleaning and / or peeling of the floor.

Vinyl flooring is a very good choice for home flooring. It has many advantages. It cannot be replaced by many other floors. Maybe you can try it.