Some misunderstandings in the introduction of SPC waterproof floor

SPC floor is currently a very popular waterproof floor product in the floor market, with a wide range of application scenarios and incomparable advantages over other floors. However, in many cases, some features are too unrealistic to be touted. Today, kingup introduces three common mistakes of SPC waterproof floor, hoping to help you.

spc flooring

The “flame retardancy” of SPC floor is not “burning out”

Use fire to burn SPC floor to see whether it can be ignited and whether it can be burned. Burning means that it is relatively safe without fire protection, and burning does not mean that it is flame retardant. In fact, the fire-retardant grade of SPC waterproof floor is more than bf1-t0. According to the industry standard, the fire-resistant raw materials are listed in fire safety class A, such as marble, wall brick, etc. The technical content of bf1-t0 fire-retardant grade is the chemical cotton with a diameter of 10 mm, stained with ethanol, placed on the SPC waterproof floor, of course, ignited. After the chemical cotton is burnt out, accurately measure the diameter of the mark on the burned SPC waterproof floor, for example, if it is less than 50 mm, that is to say, bf1-t0 fire-retardant grade, rather than “point burning is impossible”.

“Wear resistance” is not “it is not easy to scratch with artifact”

When asked about the service life and wear resistance of SPC waterproof floor, take out sharp articles or keys and other simple tools, scratch on the surface of SPC waterproof floor, and feel it is not wear-resistant. In fact, the abrasion resistance test of SPC waterproof floor is not a simple way to use artifact to scratch on the surface, but to use a thick circular grinding disk to polish and test the wood floor under the condition of charging 1kg. After the rotation of polishing, the rotation speed of the surface abrasion resistance layer of the wood floor is damaged. The rotation speed of this connection point is an index value considering the abrasion resistance of SPC waterproof floor. For example, the lowest speed of solid wood composite floor is 1500 revolutions, and the wear-resistant revolutions of different SPC floor products are also different. Generally, the wear-resistant revolutions of kingup floor products are more than 8000 revolutions. Moreover, the abrasion resistance of SPC waterproof floor is measured by the testing center.

“Smell with nose” is not “smell without environmental protection”

The raw materials of SPC floor are free of formaldehyde and other heavy metal substances, and there are no toxic substances such as glue in the processing of SPC waterproof floor, so the whole process will not make the floor contain formaldehyde and other substances. The qualified SPC waterproof floor should be 100% free of formaldehyde emission. If there is any smell of SPC waterproof floor products, it may be some high temperature smell produced by high temperature extrusion, There is no problem with these, so there is no need to worry.

The above are some misunderstandings about SPC floor introduced for you. I hope you can better understand SPC floor. In the actual SPC use process, SPC floor has advantages that other wood floors can’t compare with. These still need to be further explored and understood.