Spc floor: waterproof and wear-resistant 0 formaldehyde floor recommended

  Spc flooring may be unfamiliar to many people, but spc flooring is very famous in the flooring industry. What has been the case for a long time? The main reason is that this floor is a new type of floor, which has just begun to become popular in recent years, so many people will not know.

Spc floor

  The biggest feature of this new type of floor is that it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It consists of a layer of UV layers, a wear-resistant and decorative layer, and a base layer. It is formed by one-time extrusion at high temperature without using glue and other substances. Because of its excellent environmental performance, this kind of floor is used a lot in schools, hospitals and other places.

  The appearance of the spc floor has marble-like wood-like and carpet-like styles. It looks very real and full of unique temperament. Why is this spc floor waterproof? It is mainly affected by his structure and raw materials, so it has long been waterproof and moisture-proof, so it can be used in home kitchens and bathrooms.

  In terms of abrasion resistance, the spc floor also has the most flooring. Because it has a wear-resistant layer on the surface, the abrasion resistance is more than 10,000 revolutions, which is several times that of wooden flooring, so it has good abrasion resistance It can meet the requirements of different environments. In some experiments we can see that some metal materials are used to scratch the floor, and it will not cause any scratches.

  This kind of spc floor has been applied in many supermarkets and hospitals. It can be seen that it is very practical and far superior to similar floors.

  Spc flooring has advantages that other floorings cannot match. It does not use glue, all locks are installed, and disassembly is more expensive. Therefore, if you are a family, you can choose to install it yourself. The installation style can also be selected.

  The above is the recommended content of the SPC floor for waterproof and wear-resistant 0 formaldehyde flooring, if you have any questions, please leave us a message.