SPC wood floor for bathroom

In the selection of toilet floor materials, it is widely considered that this shape is moisture-proof and very easy to clean, while the wood floor is very easy to deform and difficult to clean after encountering water. But looking at some European and American countries, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and bathrooms are bold to pave wooden floors. All these benefits from the new environmental protection floor, SPC wood floor, which is popular at this stage. It has the functions of low-carbon environmental protection, water-proof, strong moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-skid.

SPC wood floor has the following six characteristics:

First: real environmental protection. The key raw material of SPC wood floor is polyethylene, which is a non-toxic renewable energy source for environmental protection. It has existed in our life for a long time, such as the liquid delivery pipe bag of kitchenware and medical equipment. It is a new emerald green environmental protection floor in European countries, which is very popular.

Second: dampproof, arrogant laying random site. The key components of SPC wood floor are wear-resistant layer, resin, calcium powder and stabilizer, etc. the surface layer undergoes UV treatment twice, which is pure and natural without fear of water. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the wood floor in your home is moldy due to the high humidity and deformed due to the change of temperature.

Third: the ground is antiskid, and there is no need to worry about the elderly, children and children falling down at home. Floor tile is very easy to clean, but it is very easy to run away when it comes to water. If there are old people and children at home, it is very unsafe. The SPC wood floor surface adopts the unique anti-skid processing technology, which will make the surface of the wood floor “more astringent” after touching the water, and the sliding friction force is stronger, thus exceeding the actual effect of the ground anti-skid.

Fourth: wear resistance, longer-term application. SPC Wood Floor wear-resistant revolution exceeds the national regulations, all wood floor surface is not easy to appear all scratches, including the surface texture will be very clear.

Fifth: fire safety, more safety of family clothes. The raw material of SPC wood floor has a pure natural fire-retardant grade, and the fire safety grade exceeds B1.

Sixth: compatible with floor heating, environmental protection, energy saving, heat insulation. The stone powder plate layer of SPC wood floor is the same as the mineral layer, with excellent heat transfer characteristics and heat resistance, and the released heat is symmetrical, which is not easy to cause harmful substances, especially suitable for the application in this kind of warm natural environment.

In this period of pursuing perfect and sustainable development, SPC wood floor will be popular in China, protecting the ecological environment, enjoying green lighting, clothing, food, housing and transportation.