SPC wood floor is more suitable for interior decoration and maintenance

  1. SPC family wooden floor is more cost-effective than floor tile

SPC wood floor is a very popular home decoration material at this stage, which is more cost-effective than traditional floor tiles. If indoor decorate wood floor wants cost-effective, want to consider the price of wood floor not only, still must matter to consider the indoor decorate style of good home, choose appropriate wood floor according to indoor decorate style. SPC wood floor has a variety of styles, can consider a variety of indoor decoration natural environment and regulations, with moisture-proof, waterproof, mothproof and other characteristics. Therefore, it can be used in the unique natural environment such as kitchen and toilet.

SPC wood floor
  1. SPC wood floor is easier to maintain

SPC wood floor is more cost-effective in the whole process of interior decoration and maintenance. For example, if there is a floor heating at home, if there is a problem, the SPC wood floor can be unloaded and repaired, and then the assembly can be carried out. The SPC wood floor uses the lock technology. And the floor brick wants to smash to lay again, that again must choose and buy again.

  1. Effective overall planning of the total area of wood floor paving, purchase on demand

Before laying SPC floor indoors, calculate the overall paving area, so that the number of SPC floor purchased can be planned in advance. Generally speaking, the loss of installed SPC floor is about 5%, which is based on the installation method, so as to avoid the waste of procurement.

SPC wood floor common pavement: 369 and I-shaped. The paste method of 369 is a stepped gap structure, which generally saves materials and consumes about 3% of raw materials; the wear rate of I-shaped pavement method is large, higher than 5%, but the ground of this kind of pavement is neat, symmetrical and has a good sense of space.

  1. Cost effective application of auxiliary materials in SPC wood floor

The auxiliary materials of traditional wood floor paving include wood floor nails, headless nails, floor glue, moisture-proof mat, and door opening strip; if it is a wood floor with main keel, it must have one more main keel, etc. However, SPC wood floor is free of glue, and does not use auxiliary materials such as main keel, so it is more economical in laying cost. On the manual, SPC wood floor can also be laid independently by DIY, which can also save a lot of expenses.

Introduction of SPC stone plastic waterproof floor: advantages and disadvantages

Now there are many kinds of wood flooring on the market, such as wood flooring, porcelain wood flooring and so on. But many people don’t know much about SPC stone plastic waterproof floor. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of SPC stone plastic waterproof floor? Where is SPC stone plastic waterproof floor suitable for laying? Next, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of SPC stone plastic waterproof floor in detail.