How about choosing SPC floor for office decoration?

  As an office space for employees, the office is also a very important living environment, which is particularly important in decoration selection, especially in decoration material selection. Today, kingup flooring manufacturer will introduce to you […]

Spc floor: waterproof and wear-resistant 0 formaldehyde floor recommended

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The difference between SPC floor and traditional floor

SPC floor is a new type of environmental protection floor, invented by Germany. It has been popular all over the world in recent years, and has been very popular all over the world. For people […]

Production indexes and requirements of SPC floor

  As a new type of floor decoration material, SPC floor may not be well understood by many users of production standards. Each index of floor has great reference value for later use and scene application. […]

Is SPC floor easy to install? SPC floor installation process details!

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SPC floor daily maintenance and precautions!

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Analysis of common problems in the SPC production process?

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