Price of SPC stone plastic floor and precautions for purchase

Many people have only heard of solid wood composite floor and pure solid wood floor, many people have not heard of SPC stone plastic waterproof floor, SPC stone plastic floor belongs to new technology products. […]

Some misunderstandings in the introduction of SPC waterproof floor

SPC floor is currently a very popular waterproof floor product in the floor market, with a wide range of application scenarios and incomparable advantages over other floors. However, in many cases, some features are too […]

How to choose high quality SPC stone plastic waterproof floor

SPC stone plastic waterproof floor has been popular in the world for decades, most of which have already replaced the laminate floor. At present, SPC stone plastic waterproof floor still belongs to prosperity. In recent […]

Market prospect of SPC stone plastic waterproof floor

PVC wood floor is divided into waterproof coiled material and plastic plate from the shape. It is habitually called SPC stone plastic waterproof floor. In recent years, with the popularity of SPC stone plastic waterproof […]

Advantages and disadvantages of SPC stone plastic waterproof floor

1, advantages ① Now the family decoration design can also see the figure of SPC stone plastic waterproof floor. What we choose it for interior decoration is its excellent low-carbon environmental protection. The key ingredient […]

SPC wood floor is more suitable for interior decoration and maintenance

SPC family wooden floor is more cost-effective than floor tile SPC wood floor is a very popular home decoration material at this stage, which is more cost-effective than traditional floor tiles. If indoor decorate wood […]

What is the difference between SPC floor and traditional wood floor?

SPC lock floor and wood floor are two popular floor products at present. It is very important for the owner or project leader who will decorate and choose floor materials to choose a suitable floor. […]

What is the difference between LVT, SPC and WPC wood flooring?

What wooden floor can I use in the kitchen? Aren’t you afraid of oil stains and water stains? At present, there are three kinds of wooden flooring: LVT wooden floor, SPC wooden floor, WPC wooden […]

The hospital uses SPC vinyl floor, why does the hospital use SPC flooring?

SPC Floor wear-resistant, cheap and beautiful characteristics have been gradually understood by the floor market and accepted by users. At present, more and more hospitals also choose to use SPC floor. Why do hospitals choose […]

What kind of floor is commonly used in large-scale shopping malls?

Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to the selection of raw materials, the matching of decorative materials, and the selection of shopping mall floor. The importance of shopping mall floor also accounts for a […]

How about choosing SPC floor for office decoration?

  As an office space for employees, the office is also a very important living environment, which is particularly important in decoration selection, especially in decoration material selection. Today, kingup flooring manufacturer will introduce to you […]

What floor is good for floor heating?

  Now many families use floor heating for heating, but many families prefer to use the floor instead of ceramic tile for laying, so can floor heating be laid? If can lay what floor to use […]

Spc floor: waterproof and wear-resistant 0 formaldehyde floor recommended

  Spc flooring may be unfamiliar to many people, but spc flooring is very famous in the flooring industry. What has been the case for a long time? The main reason is that this floor is […]

Comparison between SPC flooring and rubber flooring

There are many kinds of floors, and many functions are the same. There may be some differences in some details, such as raw materials and production process. Many people don’t know the specific differences, so […]

How to purchase SPC flooring?

  When purchasing SPC flooring, you will have different board sizes, board thickness and wear-resistant layer thickness options. The size of the boards is related to style preferences, so make sure you compare the different sizes […]