What floor is good for floor heating?

  Now many families use floor heating for heating, but many families prefer to use the floor instead of ceramic tile for laying, so can floor heating be laid? If can lay what floor to use […]

What’s the difference between stone floor and linen floor?

Stone plastic floor is generally SPC floor or SPC vinyl floor, vinyl floor is a new material floor, is also a very popular floor, linen floor is made of natural raw materials, is also a […]

Comparison between SPC flooring and rubber flooring

There are many kinds of floors, and many functions are the same. There may be some differences in some details, such as raw materials and production process. Many people don’t know the specific differences, so […]

How to maintain SPC vinyl floor to improve service time

SPC vinyl floor is a relatively popular house decoration material. Compared with traditional wood floor, SPC vinyl floor has many advantages, such as wear resistance, water resistance, etc., so you can see vinyl floor in […]

How to clean or maintain our SPC vinyl flooring?

Now there are many families using the vinyl flooring, how to clean and maintain the vinyl floor is a concern of many people. Today, Huaxia SPC floor manufacturer will introduce how to clean and maintain […]