The hospital uses SPC vinyl floor, why does the hospital use SPC flooring?

SPC Floor wear-resistant, cheap and beautiful characteristics have been gradually understood by the floor market and accepted by users. At present, more and more hospitals also choose to use SPC floor. Why do hospitals choose to lay SPC floor?

SPC flooring


The surface of SPC floor is composed of UV layer, which has the function of antibacterial and bacteriostatic. It can avoid the bacterial prosperity in hospital and never reach the health standard of hospital.

In the hospital, the staff is relatively large and the mobility is strong. Doctors, patients and family members will often walk around, so the floor has certain requirements on the skid resistance. SPC floor can effectively do this, which is very suitable. In the case of water stains, SPC floor can also do it. When SPC floor meets water, it is more comfortable, so this is more reassuring.

It is also very important to prevent fire in places with dense people. SPC floor is composed of calcium powder and resin, so it can reach the fire rating of B1, with high safety.

Durability and stability:

The wear-resistant layer of SPC floor top layer can ensure the durability of floor products, the stability of base material can ensure the stability of product size, and ensure that the floor will not be deformed or damaged in long-term use. In areas with large flow of people, it can also be used for a long time. Generally, the product guarantee period of SPC floor is 15-20 years. So don’t worry about the durability of the product at all.

Convenient construction and maintenance:

The convenience of construction also determines the construction and installation cost of the product. Maintenance is also an important part of the product itself. SPC floor is spliced and installed through the lock catch. The installation is also very simple, and it is also very convenient in the later maintenance. Where the maintenance is needed to directly cut the place that needs maintenance, it is OK to replace the new plate without additional operation.

Convenient and fast maintenance:

SPC floor is very different from ordinary wood floor in daily cleaning and maintenance. SPC floor is the same as tile flooring, which can be cleaned normally or cleaned with mop. There are not too many requirements for maintenance, just pay attention to cleaning everyday.