What floor is good for floor heating?

  Now many families use floor heating for heating, but many families prefer to use the floor instead of ceramic tile for laying, so can floor heating be laid? If can lay what floor to use good? The answer is to choose the floor, as long as there is no problem in material selection.

SPC vinyl floor

  Floor heating if you choose the floor can choose a lot of types of floor, below for you to recommend several!

  1、 Laminate floor

  Laminate flooring can be used in a warm environment because of its composite materials, including wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, and moisture-proof layer. It has the characteristics of pressure resistance, heat resistance and construction resistance, and is very suitable for the use of floor heating.

  In the choice of laminate floor, we need to pay attention to that the formaldehyde content of some unqualified products may exceed the standard, which requires special attention when purchasing.

  2、 Multilayer solid wood floor

  The multi-layer solid wood floor has a feature that it is not easy to crack and will not be heated and expanded, so it is also the choice of laying floor heating, and it is also very reliable in stability and durability, so it is completely OK to use as floor heating.

  3、 SPC vinyl floor

  SPC floor is a kind of floor composed of vinyl resin and calcium powder, which also creates the particularity, thermal conductivity and stability of SPC floor, and there are many kinds of SPC wood grain, which is very beautiful, environmental protection level is also very high, no formaldehyde, maintenance is very simple, so it is very suitable for the warm family.

  Through the above introduction, I believe you have a lot of knowledge about several floors that can be used for floor heating. The floor recommended here is still SPC floor. The price is more advantageous, durable and practical than other floor products.

  What is the floor for the floor heating? If you have any questions, please leave us a message.