What is the cost of SPC floor maintenance?

SPC floor is a kind of lock floor, with various styles, various colors, convenient installation and other features. It is favored by many users. Many floors are very good in practicability, but they need to pay special attention to the storage, maintenance and repair. What is the cost of later maintenance of SPC floor? Is it easy to do maintenance?

SPC flooring

SPC floor is installed by means of lock catch, etc. do not apply glue, do not use other special materials as auxiliary installation, so the later disassembly and maintenance is very simple.

What precautions does SPC floor have at ordinary times?

When using SPC floor, a mat should be placed at the door to prevent small hard materials such as sand and soil from entering the house, which will cause damage to SPC floor.

SPC floor in daily use to avoid the direct contact of heavy drag, because SPC floor surface wear-resistant layer is very thin, the general thickness is between 0.3-0.7mm, according to the original purchase floor. SPC Floor wear-resistant layer is an important protective belt to prevent floor scratch, so we should pay special attention to it everyday.

SPC floor has the function of fire prevention and water-proof, which has the function of fire-retardant, water-proof and moisture-proof. However, in daily use, it is also necessary to avoid long-term contact with open fire or long-term immersion in water,. For example, when cigarette butts fall on the floor in daily life, even if they are trampled out and water is spilled on the floor, the water stains on the surface should also be cleaned.

How to maintain SPC floor?

Compared with other types of floor products, SPC floor maintenance is very simple.

Daily cleaning: for the garbage on the surface of the ash layer on the SPC floor, you can clean it directly or use the vacuum cleaner and other auxiliary cleaning equipment.

It is found that the floor is difficult to clean and other stains can be directly dragged with wet mop. Can also use some cleaners, will not affect the service life of the floor and so on, will not damage the floor surface.

In the daily use of SPC floor, there are not too many precautions, if the family uses SPC floor, you can choose to change slippers in the family. In public use SPC floor, as long as pay attention to clean the surface and other pollutants in time.