What is the difference between LVT, SPC and WPC wood flooring?

What wooden floor can I use in the kitchen? Aren’t you afraid of oil stains and water stains? At present, there are three kinds of wooden flooring: LVT wooden floor, SPC wooden floor, WPC wooden floor. Next, the KINGUP SPC wooden floor manufacturer will introduce it in detail for everyone, not to use professional nouns as much as possible, which is easy to understand.

What are LVT, SPC, WPC wooden floors?

To be clear about what LVT, SPC, and WPC wooden floors are, you have to start with PVC wooden floors. Nowadays, a new type of light wall floor decoration material, also known as “light wall building materials”, is very popular in today’s society. Up to now, it has been widely recognized in the first and second tier cities all over the world, and its application is very common, such as home, hospital clinic, colleges and universities, office buildings, processing plants, public places, shopping malls, commercial services and so on. “PVC wood floor” refers to the wood floor made of polyethylene raw materials. In fact, polyethylene and blend epoxy resin as the key raw materials, adding fillers, tackifiers, thickeners, additives and other auxiliary materials, on the bulk continuous plate, by coating processing process or by injection molding, extrusion or extrusion processing process.

To put it bluntly, PVC wood floor, alias plastic floor, it is a category of name, but any choice of polyethylene as raw materials to produce the wood floor, probably can be called PVC wood floor, LVT, SPC, WPC this new wood floor, in fact, belong to the PVC wood floor type, they only add different other raw materials, so there is a separate subtype. Polyethylene is a milky white powder, in the processing industry, just as the new spring bamboo shoots in the restaurant kitchen, you can use it: braised spring bamboo shoots, spring bamboo shoots roast meat, pickled fresh and many other human delicacies. The following picture shows the general structure of the PVC wooden floor.

The key components of PVC wood floor include polyvinyl powder, lime powder, plasticizer, thickener and carbon black. These kinds of raw materials are all widely used in industrial production raw materials, their environmental protection safety factor has been certified for many years. In the past, some readers questioned the program host Lao Zhao in the group of SPC authors, why not talk about the harm of the plasticizer in the wood floor, this kind of questioning is sometimes ironic, almost do not know how to express it. People with a little chemical knowledge know that there are many types of plasticizers, and some of them are actually non-toxic, even if most of these plasticizers, which have some toxic and side effects, must be eaten down and must persevere in order to cause damage to the human body. However, I really don’t know that many people eat PVC wooden floors as cookies. I just hope you don’t have to be surprised. The fresh-keeping bag you use every day has a lot of Plasticizer in it. After so many years, it seems to be all right.

LVT wooden floor with extended bending and easy bending

LVT wood floor, soft flexible extended wood floor, technical professional description as “semi-rigid plastic sheet plastic floor”, they can even bend into a plate, LVT wood floor sales market retail price from dozens of yuan to 200 yuan, previously applicable to more new items of overalls, because it has a higher epoxy floor requirements, must be technical professionals to pave, so from the cost of consideration, It is usually only suitable for large-scale paving. Of course, for rental housing or company offices where flatness is not too high, this kind of wooden floor is both beautiful and cost-effective. The advantages of LVT wood floor recognition are: low price, environmental protection, wear resistance, extensibility, good impact resistance, moisture proof and flame retardancy, moisture proof and waterproofing, maintenance and cleaning convenience. This kind of wooden floor is often used in campus, kindergarten, amusement equipment house, and in children’s house at home.

Good-looking, solid and durable SPC wooden floor

SPC wood floor, Stoneplacticcomposite, belongs to stone plastic floor, can also bend, but compared with LVT wood floor, bending degree is much less. Its common name is stone plastic waterproof wood floor, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area is called stone plastic waterproof floor, or artificial fake mountain wood floor, in addition to brawling the United States, Southeast Asia is one of the regions with the largest number of SPC wood floors, because it not only has high appearance, but also has excellent moisture-proof and waterproof characteristics, which is lower than the cost of paving tiles and saves paving time. Europe calls SPC wooden flooring RVP wooden flooring. SPC wood floor processing process, this is a one-time heating and pressing, there is no need to use strong glue. SPC wood flooring sales market retail price, generally in 6 US dollars per square meter-more than ten US dollars or so. It has many advantages, such as high heat insulation; moisture-proof and waterproof; mothproof and insect-proof; high fire safety; sound insulation is easy to use; not easy to crack, not easy to deform, not easy to heat, heat, shrink; price is not high; installation is convenient and fast; do not have indoor formaldehyde, heavy metals, phthalate, ethanol and other harmful substances. The defects of SPC are that the relative density is heavy, the logistics cost is higher, and the thickness is thinner, so there are certain regulations on the flatness of the ground.

Apply the best feeling of WPC wooden floor

The picture is WPC wood floor, belonging to the semi-forced plastic sheet plastic floor, alias wood plastic floor, because the initial WPC wood floor with sawdust particles, so called wood plastic floor. To put it simply, it is composed of LVT layer and WPC layer, the comfort of the upper foot and the actual effect of sound absorption are very prominent. If the cork board layer or EVA layer is added, some people have little difference between the upper foot and the pure solid wood floor. From the point of view of comfort, WPC is a kind of PVC wood floor which is closest to the traditional pure solid wood floor. some people in the manufacturing industry call it “gold grade wood floor”. Its retail price in the sales market is generally more than US $10 per square meter. Its environmental protection characteristics are the same. LVT wood floor and SPC wood floor have all the characteristics, and all the inspection index values are based on it. And its installation regulations and solid wood composite floor similar, installation is very convenient and suitable for DIY. The disadvantage of WPC is that it can’t buy multiple reuse, the price is higher than the LVT wooden floor, similar to the SPC wooden floor. WPC wood floor, made into board wall, as anticorrosive wood floor is quite a lot.

By the way, there are many kinds of pure solid wood floors in the building materials supermarkets in Europe, from more than ten euros per square meter to dozens of euros. Pure solid wood floor, some westerners play called “royal wood floor”, not only expensive, installation fear casual, and the future maintenance also cost time to burn money, so many families buy a variety of SPC wooden floors.