What is the difference between SPC floor and traditional wood floor?

SPC lock floor and wood floor are two popular floor products at present. It is very important for the owner or project leader who will decorate and choose floor materials to choose a suitable floor. What is the difference between SPC floor and traditional wood floor in South China? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Today, kingup flooring manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction.

SPC lock floor PK wood floor

1、Appearance comparison:

SPC lock floor: rich and colorful patterns, pure natural mahogany pattern, carpet pattern, technology pattern, artificial marble pattern, true texture, no fading.

Pure solid wood floor: pure natural grain.

Reinforced composite floor: pure natural grain.

Aggrandizement wood floor: imitate pure natural grain.

Basis: in appearance, pure solid wood floor and solid wood composite floor belong to pure natural grain, SPC lock floor and laminate floor belong to artificial imitation grain, but the rich and colorful level of SPC lock floor grain is better than that of solid wood, composite solid wood floor and laminate floor.

2、 Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of materials:

SPC lock floor: non toxic, odorless, zero indoor formaldehyde, comfortable on feet; not afraid of water, not afraid of fire, not afraid of moisture, not leakage, wear-resistant, scratch resistant, ground anti-skid.

Pure solid wood floor: non toxic, odorless, comfortable on the feet, warm for many days and cool in summer; fire, water, tide, large use of Redwood resources, non slip on the ground.

Reinforced composite floor: not wear-resistant, not scratch resistant, not environmental protection, not fire-resistant, not waterproof, not moisture-proof, have peculiar smell, can not guarantee zero indoor formaldehyde, not ground anti-skid.

Aggrandizement wood floor: wear-resistant, scratch resistant, with peculiar smell, can not guarantee zero indoor formaldehyde, fire-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-skid floor.

Basis: solid wood board and SPC lock floor can ensure non-toxic and tasteless. SPC lock floor is not afraid of water, fire and moisture. In terms of scratch resistance, SPC lock floor should be made of laminate, and in terms of resource application, SPC lock floor can save more ecological resources. On the ground anti-skid characteristics, SPC lock floor is better than laminate floor.

3、Price and installation comparison:

SPC lock floor: high cost performance, high economic development cost performance, everyone’s consumption; installation does not need the main keel, DIY installation, that is, the lock is more convenient.

Pure solid wood floor: the price is relatively expensive and the installation is complicated. The main keel must be paved.

Aggrandizement compound floor: price is more solid plank is cost-effective, do not need main keel.

Laminate flooring: low price, no main keel required.

The above is the difference between wooden floor and new decorative floor SPC floor introduced by kingup floor manufacturer. SPC floor is currently a very popular floor, which can basically adapt to various places, so the application is more extensive, and there are not too many precautions.