What kind of floor is commonly used in large-scale shopping malls?

Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to the selection of raw materials, the matching of decorative materials, and the selection of shopping mall floor. The importance of shopping mall floor also accounts for a large proportion, so what floor do shopping malls generally choose? How to choose the right floor?

What types of flooring are used in large shopping malls?

The large-scale shopping mall is a large and medium-sized public area, with a large flow of people, especially in holidays. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to the safety of the floor. Antiskid is one of the important requirements of the supermarket floor. The SPC floor of kingup can meet the demand of antiskid. In various environments of supermarket, such as aquatic area, there are many water stains, but the SPC floor can also achieve the effect of antiskid.

The floor of large shopping malls should be easy to clean

For the hard to clean ground, it is a headache for many staff. Therefore, the floor should be easy to clean, and the antifouling floor is the best choice. There is a UV layer on the surface of SPC floor, which has a good antifouling effect. In daily maintenance, it is also very simple. The cleaning car and mop can be used normally, which is simple and easy to operate.

The floor pattern of large shopping malls should have a sense of quality

The ground of the terrain shopping mall should give people a sense of texture and have a certain level of decoration. The SPC floor style: imitation wood grain, imitation marble grain, imitation carpet grain. The SPC floor can bring different design styles through different splicing styles. The SPC floor color is lifelike and the grain is clear, which is the preferred floor product of many shopping malls at present.

In public areas, you can also choose the actual effect of marble, which is similar to the decorative panel brick. Because there are many types of SPC floor, it is very suitable for the decoration design of shopping malls. And it also has a high practical significance. There are many antifouling, wear-resistant, compressive strength, oil repellent, oil stain resistant, etc. it also reduces the working pressure of cleaning staff in large shopping malls.