Why does the gym use spc wear-resistant floor?

With the improvement of people’s living standards of food, clothing, housing and transportation, we are more concerned about physical and mental health. More and more people choose to exercise to maintain a stable body and ensure physical and mental health.

The gym is becoming more and more popular with everyone. This is also the gym is also more and more, a lot of people may pay attention to, gym a lot of choices are wood and other floors, in fact, this is a new type of decorative materials, scp floor, with wood grain imitation floor, this kind of floor has been loved by many gym owners, mainly because of this kind of floor installation is convenient, no formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and later recovery in the use of more convenient.

Why does the gym use SPC wear-resistant floor?

A good gym, for all the equipment and the natural environment is very important. Which wooden floor to use is very harmful to the layout of the whole gym. So, what wooden floors do today’s gyms usually choose?

First of all, the floor should not contain formaldehyde and other heavy metals, environmental protection and pollution-free, after all, the gym is for fitness, exercise.

Why does the gym use SPC wear-resistant floor?

Why does the gym choose the SPC wear-resistant floor?

1. Low carbon environmental protection

SPC wear-resistant wood floor is completely free of indoor formaldehyde as a harmful chemical, the raw material is polyethylene, is a low-carbon environmental protection of the new floor material, can give athletes physical and mental health comfort.

2. Strong wear resistance

Because the wood floor application of gym is more frequent and the load is heavy, the surface layer of SPC wear-resistant wood floor has a strong wear-resistant layer, which makes it have excellent wear resistance. That ensures that the wooden floor of the gym is longer and more durable.

3. High elasticity and impact resistance

SPC wear-resistant wood floor is soft and has a certain degree of extensibility, but also has a strong impact resistance. Can alleviate the damage of exercise athletes, the upper foot is comfortable, can be very good to avoid the injury of fitness activities.

4. Strong ground anti-skid

The wear-resistant layer of SPC wear-resistant wood floor has unique ground anti-skid characteristics, so it is not easy to fall on SPC wear-resistant wood floor. In the whole process of fitness exercise, gym SPC wear-resistant wood floor has very good reliability and firmness. The person who can make the exercise fitness is smooth and comfortable, can avoid the sports fitness person to appear the accidental fall.

5. Pattern diversity

SPC wear-resistant wood floor tone pattern many, such as carpet pattern, marbling, wood floor pattern and so on, can be customized according to the different requirements of personality, for the gym custom belongs to their own special production patterns, different tones and sizes, to the gym different decoration design practical effect.

Why does the gym use SPC wear-resistant floor?

Exercise fitness is a long-term persistent whole process, so the actual effect of wooden floor shock absorber must be very good, that can prevent long-term exercise excessive knee joint pain, foot discomfort and other symptoms. SPC wear-resistant wood flooring can be very well considered by sportsmen in these aspects of the provisions. This is why the SPC wear-resistant wood floor has been warmly welcomed by many gyms and loved by sportsmen.