Why is SPC lock floor more and more popular?

SPC wood floor is a new type of decoration material, which has been sought after in recent years. Why is SPC wood floor so hot? What are the advantages? Next, I’ll give you a detailed introduction.

SPC lock floor

Why is SPC wood floor so hot?

SPC lock floor, also known as “light body decoration materials”. It is a popular floor product in Korea, Japan and Asia. It is popular at home and abroad. SPC lock floor is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, gyms, families, schools, hospitals and other places.

SPC wood floor is the only one of all pavement building decoration materials that can be recycled at this stage. The key raw material of SPC wood floor is polyethylene, which is a non-toxic renewable energy source for environmental protection. The commodities of this kind of material are everywhere in our daily life, such as kitchen utensils, liquid delivery pipe bags of medical equipment, etc. the heat insulation is not to be worried about. It is also a new type of low-carbon and environmental protection pavement building decoration material. In addition, it also conforms to the current sustainable development concept.

Why is SPC floor so hot?

Gym SPC floor

The wear-resistant layer on the surface of SPC floor has the actual effect of ground anti-skid. In addition, it is astringent when encountering water, so it is not necessary to worry about slipping due to water. Therefore, SPC floor is widely used in public places, such as hospital clinic, college, bus station and so on.

Why is SPC floor so hot?

SPC floor school use scenario

SPC floor has the characteristics of no pollution, no formaldehyde, no heavy metal and other harmful substances, so it can completely meet the standards in school and other scenes, and it is also one of the reasons for many schools to transform and use this kind of floor.

Why is SPC floor so hot?

SPC floor for hospital

The surface of SPC floor is composed of UV layer, which has the function of bacteriostasis. UV layer can prevent the growth of bacteria, inhibit the breeding of bacteria, and also prevent diseases and insect pests.

There are many use scenarios of SPC floor, which can basically meet different use environments, which is one of the reasons why SPC floor is so popular.