Why is Spc wooden floor an upgrade to pvc floor?

The KINGUP wood floor manufacturer came to analyze the spc wood floor with everyone. There are many difficult problems about spc wood floor, such as: what is spc wood floor, spc wood floor advantage, how much spc floor price is, and pvc wood floor difference, etc., come and do a detailed introduction to spc wood floor today!

What is the spc wooden floor?

This is a popular new light floor building materials, mainly made of resin and calcium powder, do not need glue, the root cause to deal with indoor formaldehyde problems of the wood floor. Clean up the traditional wooden floor defects, shower, living balcony, restaurant kitchen can be spread, each area can experience the mild layer of wood floor from the soles of the feet, experienced thousands of times of curved bending, capture the moment of high efficiency springback, mild and extensible characteristics to restore the wood floor comfortable feet, so it is also particularly suitable for fitness sports, for fitness sports places can also be used to bury the foreshadowing.

Spc floor price

Spc Wood flooring and Pvc Wood flooring difference spc floor Price and advantage detailed Information Analysis of Spc Wood flooring and Pvc Wood flooring difference spc floor Price and advantage details

The price of the spc floor is about $7 per flat.

Difference between spc wooden flooring and pvc wooden flooring

SPC wooden floor and PVC wooden floor is different, think of PVC wooden floor, a lot of think of plastic, many people will PVC wooden floor and PVC pipe mixed up, plastic with toxic chemicals, harm to the body. But SPC wood floor and plastic is not the same thing, SPC wood floor does not have indoor formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful chemicals, let alone no radiation source, belonging to emerald green environmental protection decoration materials, not easy to cause damage to the body.

Spc Wood flooring advantage?

Advantages of spc Wood flooring 1: low carbon Environmental Protection

SPC wood floor is the key raw material is polyethylene, polyethylene is environmental protection non-toxic renewable energy, it has long been used in everyone’s life, such as kitchen utensils, medical equipment liquid delivery pipe bags and so on, its heat insulation is not to worry. The key component of SPC wood floor (plastic plate) is natural stone powder, which is a new floor decoration material with low carbon and environmental protection. Passing SPC wood flooring must go through IS09000 international quality certification system and ISO14001 international emerald green product certification.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring II: ultra-light and thin

SPC wood floor has the thin thickness of 3.2mm-12mm, the net weight per square meter is only about 2-7.5kg, which is beneficial to the door load and indoor space saving of multi-storey buildings, and has unique advantages in renting houses and updating and renovating the second interior decoration.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring 3: strong Wear Resistance

There is a fully transparent wear-resistant layer on the surface of SPC wood floor, and its wear-resistant rotation is more than 8000 revolutions. The wear-resistant layer on the surface of SPC wood floor can be used for 10-20 years according to the thickness, so the SPC wooden floor is becoming more and more popular in the hospital clinic, colleges and universities, office buildings, shopping malls, shopping malls, walking tools and other venues where the passenger flow is very large.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring IV: high elasticity and strong impact Resistance

SPC wood floor color is too soft extensibility is very good, in the impact of the suspension has an excellent extensibility repair, waterproofing roll wood floor color soft extensibility is better, its upper foot comfortable is called “wood floor soft gold”. In addition, SPC wood floor has strong impact resistance, and has a strong extensibility repair for the impact damage of suspensions, which is not easy to lead to damage. The excellent SPC wood floor can greatly reduce the physical damage, and can disperse the impact of the wood floor on the feet.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring 5: strong ground Anti-skid

SPC wood floor wear-resistant layer has a unique ground anti-skid, in the case of touching water more astringent, more difficult to fall, that is, the more water after the more astringent. Therefore, in the venues with high safety requirements, such as airports, hospital outpatients, kindergartens, colleges and universities, the SPC wooden floor is all the preferred floor decoration materials. In recent years, it has become more and more popular in China.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring 6: fire Safety and Flame retardancy

The fire safety index of SPC wooden floor reaches B1 level. Flame retardant, do not catch fire, leave the fire within 5 seconds to automatically extinguish, not easy to cause room rest harmful, harmful vapor.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring 7: moisture proof and Waterproof

The key component of SPC wood floor is vinyl resin, which is not contagious with water, and is not easy to become moldy because of the high humidity of the environment.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring VIII: sound insulation and noise reduction

SPC wood floor sound insulation up to 20 sound shell, must be quiet natural environment (such as home decoration, hospital beds, college books, multifunctional halls, cinemas, etc.) suitable for the purchase of SPC wooden floors.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring 9: bacteriostatic and mildew

After unique bacteriostatic and pollution-resistant solutions, the surface layer of wood floor can inhibit most germs. The selection of interior decoration materials is particularly important, the selection of good home decoration can produce clothing, food, housing and transportation for relatives comfortable and convenient, prevent germs and harmful substances damage, improve the health index of clothing, food, housing and transportation.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring 10: fine seam

After the construction and installation of SPC wooden floor, the joint is very small, and the joint can not be seen from afar. The seamless connection technology makes the overall sense of space of the ground improve to a great extent.

Advantages of spc wooden flooring 11: laying concise

There are fastening locks, glue-free installation and no concrete on all sides of the SPC wood floor, so it is more environmental protection and the cost of laying manual services is much more cost-effective. If the fastening locks fit each other at that time, the teeth can be occlusal. The overall actual effect of the floor is flat and uniform, beautiful and generous air.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring 12: a variety of hue patterns

SPC wood floor has a variety of hue patterns, such as three-dimensional red wood grain, blanket grain, color root and so on, the texture is real, beautiful and generous, can maintain personality customization, in addition, enterprises have rich and colorful auxiliary materials and ornaments to provide a choice of matching.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring Thirteen: corrosion Resistance

SPC wood floor has strong corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, can withstand the extreme natural environment training, especially suitable for hospital, laboratory, research room and other areas of application.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring 14: heat conduction and keep warm

The quality of SPC wood floor is high, the material process performance is stable, the heat transfer performance is excellent, the heat pipe heat dissipation is symmetrical, and the application of home floor heating is not easy to increase deformation. Spc wood floor in the United States and South Korea and Japan and other countries and regions, is the home floor warm heat transfer wood floor is the preferred commodity.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring 15: convenient maintenance

SPC wooden floor maintenance is very convenient, the ground dirty with mop scrub can. If you want to maintain the long-term bright actual effect of the wooden floor, only need to polish and wax on time to maintain, its maintenance frequency is far less than other wooden floors.

Advantages of spc Wood flooring XVI. Environmental Protection and Reconstruction

SPC wooden floor is a kind of floor decoration material which can be rebuilt and used, which is of positive significance to maintain people’s ecological resources and ecological environment protection in the universe.