Why SPC wooden floor is selected for home decoration

Wooden floor is mild in color and comfortable to walk on without shoes at home, so most family decoration will be limited to wooden floor, but once the wooden floor is stained with water, it is very easy to be damaged by blistering needless to say, every maintenance is also very time-consuming and expensive, so the wood floor industry has gone out again to “do something”. In recent years, SPC wood floor is very flow, I believe many People have heard that, today for you to introduce the SPC wooden floor in detail!

Nowadays, more and more families have changed to use this kind of wooden floor. In fact, it is very popular in the United States, South Korea and Japan!

People used to lay composite solid wood floor, most of them are made of high-density board + strong glue. And SPC wood floor, then to calcium powder + resin as the raw material to make the board, according to their respective wear-resistant layer, color film one-time heating control in the upper edge.

People who have a certain grasp of the whole process of making composite solid wood floor should understand that it is indispensable for strong glue, while SPC wood floor does not use strong glue (strong glue will release indoor formaldehyde under high temperature), so environmental protection and real 0 indoor formaldehyde make it quickly outstanding from many wood floor materials, and suffer more and more community owners’ love and response Use.

Naturally, its advantages can not only stop this one. Compared with general wood flooring, where is SPC wood flooring outstanding?

Only 3-8mm thick

Generally, the thickness of the solid wood composite floor is 1.5cm, which has a great advantage in thickness.

The larger flash point depends on not being afraid of water and can be spread on all sites

After a unique surface treatment process, there is no air hole, and water can’t infiltrate into the surface. The surface is paved in areas like washrooms, restaurants and kitchens, which often get along with water, and everything is normal. It is not easy to be like the general wooden floor, a bubble will deform to form a bubble, or it will be moldy due to the high humidity of the environment.

Secondly, wear resistance is multiple of general wood floor

I watched an evaluation video before. Some netizens took the wire brush to clean the kitchen utensils and rubbed them back and forth on the SPC wood floor, but there was no mark on the surface. If the wood floor, it would not look like it! This shows how excellent its wear-resistant performance is.

Fire safety level has exceeded B1 level, which is incomparable to general wood floor. So you can see that many urban public spaces are also paved with SPC wood floor, that is to say, this reason.

In the end, fast heat transfer

I talked with you about its board. Calcium carbonate has excellent heat transfer performance. Therefore, if the floor is paved for heating at home, it is the best choice. Reheating is not easy to release all harmful substances.